Creative Brief – ad planning worksheet

Creative Brief

Ad Planning Worksheet

Who is your client?

My clients are customers that like fast sports cars


What is the product?

A high-end fast sports car that is indestructible and appealing to the eye.


In your own words, who is the target audience? (Demographics, Psychographics, Behavioral Attributes)

My target audience are upper class males that have a large income to afford the price of the car


Ask others about the product or service. What do other people think of your product?

They think my car is very appealing and worth the amount of money it goes for and is also reliable.


What are the advantages of the product or service?

My car is very fast, looks expensive and is indestructible
In your own words, list the benefit(s) of your product or service to the consumer?

The car is fast, comfortable to drive, easy to navigate, comes with automatic start


Write 3 different claims or taglines for your product…

Strong and Mighty

More powerful than the Ocean

Jaguar Speed


What do you think your ad should be designed to do? a) move the consumer to buy something? b) call someone to take action? c) inform them of something? d) provoke them? or e) motivate them in some way?

Motivate them because the ad is showing that the car is more powerful and indestructible than anything. It makes you feel safe to be and drive in.


What is the purpose of your ad?

My ad is to show how powerful the car is and to show that it is better than any other car


What print medium do you intend to use?

Magazine or commercial definitely


In your own words, what is the message you are trying to communicate?

I am trying to get across that the car is one to have and life would not be the same without it. It is a “must have” type car.
In your own words state ways in which you might… a) inform, b) persuade, c) provoke or d) motivate the consumer.

Motivate the consumer to want to buy the car and persuade them that they need it.

What angle/concept are you considering using? (Just the facts, exaggeration, compare and contrast, etc.)

Not funny ad but motivational and metaphorical


What design principles/elements do you want to incorporate?

I want to use reds and black color that make the car seem fierce and powerful.


Creative Resume – Samantha

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